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BEARing Down on Conservation

March 15, 2022

Our communities are wild spaces. Even in cities, humans are navigating relationships with wildlife - relationships that are critical to supporting conservation efforts. This week we’re joined by Lauren Eckert (she/her), a PhD candidate at the University of Victoria who studies the intersection between social and ecological systems. From bears to orcas, we explore how conflicts shape our interactions with wildlife and each other. And, we gather some helpful tips to reduce conflict with our fellow curious and adventuring bears.

Lauren is also involved with Hidden Compass, which is seeking to tell science stories in new ways, as well as the magical human behind The Witch Podcast, which looks at the legacies and power of women and femmes throughout history and today. So much to cover in such little time, thanks for listening, and bearing with us! A transcript of the episode can be found here:

Twitter-Instagram: @LaurenEEckert

Hidden Compass:

The Witch Podcast:

And the paper about bear genetics and Indigenous languages mentioned in this episode can be found here:

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